What will I have to do? If you decide to take part in the study, you will join a closed online forum compiled of members of democracy oriented non-governmental organisation and scholars and academics from the disciplines of criminology, sociology, history, criminology, politics, international relations, economics etc. I will create anonymous user IDs for all individuals, set up the discussion topics, provide instructions on how to best use these features, and post one question every week, for up to five weeks. Once it is convenient…Continue Reading “Information Sheet”

Dear all, Welcome to the first stage of this focus group!  My name is Alex, I am a PhD Law & Criminology candidate at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. I have designed this research project, and I will be your moderator for as long as you decide to join us. My academic background has revolved around inquiries in crimes of the powerful, and both of my undergraduate Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Masters in Research theses are in the area of…Continue Reading “Ground Rules”